Live your best life.
Spotaneity is the key to experiencing new experiences and that experience is an experience in itself.
Quenching your thirst for adventure is just important as water!

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A collection of my own creative work in photography and video production, direct streaming to my social media and a BLOG documenting this journey through exploring my various passions. Travel, Interior Design and Natural Skin care are my favorites of the moment and my new found enjoyment of photography has allowed me to properly share my opinions and experiences with the world.
I am a spiritual person- always giving credit where credit is due and I am thankful for every road I have travelled, person I have encountered and opportunity I have been given. One of the most important things to remember in life is that everything happens for a reason. Change is GOOD!
Spontaneity is the key to experiencing new experiences and that experience is an experience in itself.
I guess people equate this to being an "Aries" but I strongly believe that the best choices in life were the ones made based on gut instinct- and quickly! I simply try to live as intensely bold and responsibly as I can while indulging in experiences and chances that life offers.
Living life in Los Angeles, raising three animal children and making the open road your playground does come with its set of expenses. Formerly a Portfolio Property Manager in Seattle WA, I have retired from eight amazing years in real estate management to pursue new a new endeavor. L.Eugene Natural Skin Science.
In partnership with the love of my life and licensed esthetician, I have formulated a Chemical Free, 100% Organic, Vegan skincare line. This has been the most exciting part of moving to Los Angeles. It is really funny, we only got into organic skincare to improve our own faces for fabulous Instagram photos! Now we are here with three products in our line up and counting!! I will certainly be documenting this chapter because it is going to be EPIC!
I am thoroughly excited to share this amazing journey with you, so thank you for being a part of my life because I am LIVING!
This is Shawn Bo. In real life